5 Reasons Why Good Web Hosting is Important

When you launch a new website, you need a good website host. When you choose a website hosting provider, you rent space on a server that holds your website files which load and run your website correctly. Why is good website hosting worth it? Here are 5 reasons why you should host your website with a reliable hosting provider:


First, your website files need to be secure and protected from hackers. Good hosting providers spend an enormous amount of time and money on the security of their servers. We have seen websites get hacked from being hosted on platforms that are not so reputable or stable.

For example, there are a few hosting providers that are notorious for data breaches and hacked sites. We have worked on a few client websites in the past that are hosted on these underperforming servers. Aside from being extremely slow, a handful of the sites were hacked and wiped off the internet.

Loading Speeds

A good host will also provide fast loading speeds for users around the world. Your website’s speed and overall performance have a direct correlation to your search engine performance. If your site is super slow and does not load quickly enough for users, the bounce rate will be high, and your search rankings will suffer.


Along with fast loading speeds, the uptime/downtime of your website is another factor that affects your site’s SEO. A good hosting provider will minimize the number of times your website goes down. Uptime is the amount of time your site is online and available to users. When your site has a high downtime, users are more likely to see that your site is down, sending them back to the search engine. This hiccup could potentially create issues for your rankings. Additionally, if you are selling products or have online booking for a vacation rental, website downtime equals no sales.


A good website host will also take daily or weekly backups of the site and allow you to restore past versions with a click of a button. One of our clients installed an unreputable plugin onto their site to assist with website user communication. After a week, the plugin became outdated and took the entire website down with it. We removed the corrupt plugin files from the server and restored a previous version of the site using a backup.

SSL Enabled

We enable an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate on every site we launch with our hosting plan. The SSL ensures privacy, authentication, and data integrity for traffic to and from your website.

The original interweb transferred data in plaintext that anyone could capture and read. If someone shopping online entered their credit card number on the website, that number would be unleashed into the web. This created problems with credit card fraud.

To fix this issue and protect people’s privacy, SSL was created. It encrypts data flowing across the internet. If a hacker tries to intercept a credit card number on a secured site, they see a mess of random characters.

When you land on a website, check to see if the URL has “HTTPS://” in front of it. Most search engines and browsers will display a lock icon next to the URL if it is secured. If it is not secure, you may get a message warning you about the unsecured connection. Having an SSL certificate enabled on your website will also help your search rankings. Google always rewards you for having a fast and secure website.

Taking some time to check where your website is hosted and performing a check-up will go a long way. If you are unsure where your website is hosted or how your hosting is affecting your website performance, send us a message, and we will happily look under the hood and make some recommendations.

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